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Teaching with Inspiration

Peter is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. Peter feels a great responsibility to pass on his knowledge and love of music that he learnt from his great teachers.

Peter is currently based in the U.K. and is teaching cello at Warwick School where he recently adjudicated the String Final of the Young Musician of the Year Competition.

During 2016/17 Peter was based in Singapore where he presented masterclasses, coached the cello section of the Singapore National Youth Orchestra, and taught at Stamford American School. He was also invited to teach a cello class at NAFA University. 

He has previously taught cello in London and in schools such as King Henry VIII and Bablake in the Midlands, UK. He has coached cello ensembles and sectionals for  a number of youth orchestras and conducted many string ensembles.

Peter’s students have achieved success in exams and Young Musician Competitions. His most talented students have been accepted into the National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain and gained places to study at universities and music colleges. 

Peter is also heavily engaged with music education projects as part of his responsibilities as a board member with the ‘Orchestra da Camera’. Projects have included associations with star performers, such as Tasmin Little and Craig Ogden. 

As a member of 'The Lowdown Ensemble' he presents school projects focusing on lower strings with music making.

Peter has held many cello days for adult cellists and also student cellists around Warwickshire, U.K.

Peter has been a tutor on the Musicale course based in Royal Leamington Spa and at the Yorchestra holiday music courses based at York University.


Long distance learning

Skype lessons are possible with Peter from anywhere in the world. He can help cellists with a particular piece or technical difficulty, or hear scales and arpeggios before an exam. Perhaps you have an audition coming up and you need an opportunity to dry run your pieces and orchestral excerpts. 

All you need is a good internet connection and a decent microphone.

A 1hr lesson is £55.00 GBP. 

Please contact me for more advice on your set up or to book your lesson.

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