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I see you, I see me

A Radio 3 play by In-Sook Chappell, with music composed by Neil Stemp. I was asked to play solo cello with some of the music already laid down to play with. The recording took place in the front room of my house with a good microphone.


What Price Escape

F, also known as The Expelled is a 2010 British horror film written and directed by Johannes Roberts with music composed by Neil Stemp. This was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. As well as playing the solo line in this recording, I was recorded as one of three cellos in other parts of the score.


Samples of recording

Peter Wilson has experience of working with composers from film, pop and rock, and classical music genres, to record cello. On this page are examples of his work as a professional recording artist. 

He now has his own studio to record music remotely to anywhere in the world. 


Angry Ants

A BBC Documentary with music composed by Grammy award winner, Steven Price. The music won a BAFTA for best original music in 2016. Steven booked me for a 4hr session to record multi tracked cello using many different playing techniques. The sample you hear includes examples of tremelo, glissando and layers of multi-tracked cello panning from left to right.


So Tony

Other Side of the Game is a gangster film with music composed by Neil Stemp. In this sample my solo cello uses the lower sounds to create a brooding sound which builds to multi tracked interjections and a crescendo to a final chord.


Walking on Broadway

A song taken from the album Above the Cosmos, composed by John Garrison. The signature cello riff with glissando slide develops into a multi tracked layering of cello sound to create a harmonious sound for the voice to rest on. It was recorded in John's house/studio.


'O mistress mine'

The music composed by Nigel Hess, was written for the recent RSC production of Twelfth Night at Stratford-Upon Avon. Although only 3 string players(violin, cello, and double bass) the music is cleverly written by Nigel and produced, mixed and mastered expertly by Gareth Cousins.


Walls and Time

Kanute is a band of musicians led by Rachael Mantle and Rob Overseer. I was asked to record multi-layered cello on this track that dovetails nicely with the vocals.


Love on a bike

An evocative soundtrack, composed by Vincent Watts accompanying the film directed by James Newton. I have pieced together several samples from the soundtrack which demonstrate solo cello and octave doubling of parts mixed with effects creating a rich and warm texture.

Studio cellist: About


St.Saviour Church

One of several recordings that took place in St.Saviour Church for a live version of the Satellites 01 album. John Garrison is the architect behind Satellites and also the lead vocalist with Chris Pemberton on piano, and Peter Wilson playing cello.

Studio cellist: Homepage_about


from his home studio

Peter has a professional studio to record for composers anywhere in the world. He can record for you using real-time , off-line, or file sharing.

DAW's he uses include:- Pro Tools and Apple Logic, and he is flexible to use other DAW's the composer would like to.

He can be hired for long–distance sessions from his own project studio to deliver professional quality audio recording. He has flexibility with microphone set ups according to the preference of the composer. He has a variety of top-class microphones and an RME 802 Fireface audio interface with a Bricasti m7 reverb unit.  

Peter also has a Bridge Draco electric cello with a TC Nova System if the composer would like to experiment with a different sound.

Peter has experience in fixing instrumentalists for recording projects. So if you need a string quartet, a small wind ensemble, or three cellos and a double bass for example, this can be arranged for my studio. 

Please feel free to make contact to discuss your project. 


'Peter played cello on a number of projects, ranging through horror, comedy, drama and documentary. His stylistic versatility is an incredibly useful asset for a media composer such as myself, while his virtuosity is breathtaking. The voice of Pete's cello so often becomes the emotional heart of my scores!'


Neil Stemp,


Composer of films such as 'F', 'London Thing' and 'Going Crazy'. Award winning music editor for films including 'Les Miserables'. Tutor of composition for the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.



'Peter has contributed as cellist on several of the film soundtracks I've composed for over the last few years. These include BBC film productions  and award winning independent feature documentaries. His attitude is always professional and his musical talent is up there with the best. He is always willing to experiment and get creative with the material.He brings an emotional depth that adds greatly to the soundtracks I compose.'


Vincent Watts


Composer of films such as BBC documentaries Heart Transplant: A Chance to Live', 'Caught in the crossfire', BBC Horizon film' My Amazing Twin', and Channel 4 doc 'How to build a Robot'.Multi-award winning project composer and sound designer including BAFTA, BIFA and Sundance.

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